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Watch1010 explores the world of luxury watchmaking in an informative and entertaining manner. We are enthusiasts of horology in all its complexity, and take our name from one of its signifiers.

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Watch1010 engages with an audience of likeminded individuals from the basis of our shared passion.

Based in the UAE, Watch1010 brings a global perspective to the booming regional horology industry. We provide curated content on all aspects of the industry in a manner that appeals to experts and novices alike.

Watch1010 is rooted in its digital portal – an innovative website combining editorial material with a dedicated e-commerce platform. This digital offering is supported by robust social media channels, interactive events and a print magazine published around the most important dates on the industry calendar. Watch1010 is an official partner of the Dubai Watch Week.

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A digital magazine is the digital home of Watch1010 magazine. Here we expand on our deep dive into horology with more news, interviews features and reviews. The online magazine extends onto our social media presence on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, where we engage directly with fellow watch enthusiasts.

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Watch1010’s online store builds on the brand ethos of the magazine to offer our audience products that align with the spirit of the magazine. Our dedicated buyer and enthusiastic team draw on their relationships with some of the biggest brands in the industry to present a curated selection of timepieces. Watch brands are realising the importance of being able to offer their timepieces online; we’re ahead of this trend with a focus on horology. The online store is expanding continuously, so check in regularly for new products and offerings.

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Key Contacts

Creative Director

Karl Ibrahim


Cindy Bailey

Publishing Director

Richard Agyemang


Eduan Maggo

Deputy Editor

Thomas Billinghurst

eCommerce Director

Lucy Radford

Head of Development

Richie Grey

Senior Buyer

Laura Carr

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