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Luxury SQFT is available on all of the channels the modern property enthusiast would expect. is an online search portal with all of our news and features available. In the coming weeks this will be delivered within a responsive website that can adapt to the latest mobile technologies, allowing our readers to consume Luxury SQFT on the go.

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For the more dedicated followers of the regions luxury property market,  Luxury SQFT has developed a dedicated mobile application that allows the reader to access everything on  Luxury SQFT at the touch of a button. Recognising that luxury deserves time, we have also created a bi-monthly magazine that can be digested at the leisure. Luxury SQFT is available through an extensive distribution network, delivering the title to the doorsteps of the most exclusive and desirable addresses within the UAE.

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A digital magazine will be launched shortly. It has been created to service a demand in the global market of luxury property. With a growing bank of luxury properties and an increasing number of agents targeting this lucrative market, aims to deliver a premium and exclusive space unrivalled in any region we operate in. presents properties of a superior calibre; location, price and size can be showcased without being drowned out or lost amongst the ever increasing volume of mainstream offerings. Equally values its audience, which is why we have partnered with a select number of agents, ensuring that once a property is located using our site, the same premium experience is enjoyed when liaising with the representative or property owner.

A luxury property portal

Luxury SQFT is a bi-monthly print publication dedicated to the luxury property market. The magazine is suitable for all types of modern luxury property enthusiast and showcases a selection of property news, developer exposé and exclusive property selections found on the search portal. To ensure that the title reaches the very best readership we have created a distribution strategy currently unrivalled. Selecting the most premium locations we are able to deliver to the doorstep of the most exclusive households in the UAE. We have partnered with a select number of agents to ensure that the properties listed on our site are not only the best available, but that the service our customers receive is the best.

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