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Timeless and elegant, La Femme provides the well-travelled woman of the Middle East with fashion, the arts, culture, beauty, jewellery and travel news and editorial. With its exquisite fashion shoots, beautiful layouts and modern, incisive features, La Femme offers its readers an informative, carefully curated edit of luxury lifestyle.

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La Femme curates shoots for beauty, fashion, jewellery and accessories, each month showing a new location and inspiring readers with our artistic approach to fashion. Our models are diverse, representing the full spectrum of women in the Gulf.

Each month we feature four women from around the UAE weighing in on hot topics; we produce four beautiful editorial shoots, covering fashion, jewellery, accessories and beauty. Our travel section highlights far-flung, exciting destinations, as well as in-depth location features, restaurant reviews and local travel news. ​We cover the world of fashion and beauty for all the Gulf’s residents, from the subcontinent to the Middle East and North Africa to Europe, Australia and North America.

An independent fashion shoot from La Femme Vol.41

A content strategy for online and print

Digital is the present at La Femme, not the future. Our website is a fast-paced, reliable, consistent source of information for the woman of the Middle East – whether she wants to know whether Dubai’s newest brunch is really worth the money, or to click through a gallery of street style at fashion week. More importantly, everything you see in the pages of our magazine can be purchased through our e-commerce site.

A content strategy for online and print

From runway trends to fashion news, in-depth editorial and interviews, La Femme covers the world of beauty: from tips to celebrated make-up artists; the world of jewellery: interviews with the most prestigious designers and beautiful jewellery shoots; the world of travel: new luxury hotels to thorough features on exciting locations; the world of art and culture: from the latest films and books to the happenings worldwide in opera, music festivals and museum exhibits.

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La Femme

Timeless & Elegant


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