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EDGAR is a luxury men's lifestyle magazine and online platform that celebrates all that is great about style, food, travel, culture, sport, cars, tech and watches. Available across the Middle East EDGAR presents stories from fascinating people for modern-thinking men seeking something substantial and unpretentious that goes beyond a stereotypical men's magazine.



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EDGAR occupies a unique position in the Middle East magazine sector as it presents men’s luxury lifestyle in an unpretentious, minimalist and beautifully designed product.

People with interesting stories to tell are the foundation of EDGAR, whether it’s tennis star Novak Djokovic, movie star Jared Leto, explorer Levison Wood, or Dubai born IndyCar driver Ed Jones. Equally valued are tales from the likes of an architect from Denmark, an English tailor, a Peruvian chef or a Swiss watchmaker.Key to EDGAR is stunning photography and uncluttered, daring design that lets the stories speak for themselves.

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The luxury world can sometimes appear shallow and overly obsessed with the material aspect of beautiful things. But EDGAR aims to go deeper into the story and discover how things are made, why they are made and what inspired these highly skilled people to do what they do. Also important to the EDGAR brand is a sense of humour coupled with an acknowledgement that the luxury arena doesn’t have to be overly serious; it’s meant to be fun and sometimes frivolous, but always underpinned by a story that men want to read.

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EDGAR magazine is represented online with a website that is truly fresh and dynamic. Simple, clean and unfussy, Edgardaily.com is a sophisticated and user friendly website featuring quickfire news and longer features plus interviews and photo essays on a variety of topics from architecture to sport and food to watches.

The desire of Edgardaily.com to be first with the news means it’s the place to go for reviews of the latest movies and hottest new restaurant openings in the Middle East. Updated constantly, Edgardaily.com carries stories relevant to both men living in the Middle East and those around the rest of the world.

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Creative Director

Karl Ibrahim


Cindy Bailey

Commercial Director

Richard Agyemang

Associate Publisher

Sudhish Chandran


Rob Chilton

Senior Sales Manager

Barbara Marcora

Head of Development

Richie Grey


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