About Us

Pinpoint Media Group is a fully intergrated media company specialising in Publishing, Creative Services and Digital Development. PPMG has been developing it's own publishing roster since 2008 whist also working directly with brands to develop their own marketing strategies.

About Us


Our services range from publishing to marketing strategy, UX design to e-commerce. We have proven experience in creating and developing brands for a list of clients as well as for ourselves. Take a look in our online portfolio to see some specific examples.   



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The team


  • "Pinpoint provided a unique and professional insight
    which allowed us to collaborate with La Femme to produce
    a uniqe execution"

  • "its great to see new media being created within the region and we hope
    that the developments shown continue"

  • "The Middle East is an important region and Dubai proves to be a strategic
    leader when it comes to luxury.
    Pinpoint have shown they can produce titles that demonstrate this movement"